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 Post subject: Pretty Guardians of Seleneon.exe [Interest Check / OOC]
PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:34 pm 
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Pretty Guardians of Seleneon.exe

Five Sailor Guardians wake up in the city of Seleneon unawares on how they got there. With the help of Sailor Cosmos, they are given the quest to defeat the Earth’s threat that is plaguing the planet. Will this new team of Guardians be cable to protect the planet from the Chaos Nebula or will they perish like those before them?

Little do these characters know, they are actually avatars of a beta testing RPG Game. Ideally the avatars would have memories of their real life persona and the real world but due to the glitch in the testing the players are sent into the game with only the memories and personalities of their own avatars in the world they live in. Sailor Cosmos was soon created in order to assist the players on their journey to defeat the virus plaguing the game.

The Role play:
A narrative RPG with a linear battle system in mind that is similar to 'trouble in the docks'. The roleplay will explore interaction between a group of characters that might contrast and conflict on their way to beat the game (that is to find and defeat the Phantom Sage).

-No God-modding, that means no killing, amputating and causing life-threatening harm unless if the other player agrees.
-No profanity, discussions that are only appropriate for those 18+
-If you want to leave the role play please tell me.
-The only characters that will be accepted are the remaining 4 Sailor Guardians so no external characters will be introduced
-No sex scenes. Kissing is okay but nothing OTT. (With other player’s permission)
-One Senshi per person.
-Please refrain from only dialogue in your post. I expect at least a paragraph (3-4 sentences)
-This is an Out of Character thread, not an in character commentary thread.
-Character movements must be logical and not involve random movements from one section to another with no explanation. Teleportation will only be introduced when necessary.

The Planet: Esthera (Smaller than earth hence easier to travel around). This planet is quite foreign to the Sailor Guardians and they don’t quite know how they got there.

Seleneon: The capital country guarded by the spirits of Endymion and Serenity, sworn lovers who protected Earth once upon a time. This area has been protected by the Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Cosmos. This country is famous for its beautiful, elegant architecture, places of leisure and entertainment.

Herma: The technological land for the wise. Protected by the spirit of Sailor Mercury, this area is known for its technological advancement and beautiful water attractions. The Marine Library is famous for being the largest library of the world and is known to contain the lore of the Sailor Guardians of the past.

Hikoku: The cultural and traditional land of the spirits. This traditional Eastern country is known to be a good battle ground for monsters and warriors alike. With the spirit of Sailor Mars, the main city itself is guarded from outside threats. The area is famous for the Ember Shrine which is located on the top of a hill, it is said that the shrine actually was the remnants of the Hikawa Shrine.

Ayana: The land of flowers of eternal bloom. This area is known to have the most beautiful flowers that were said to be planted by Sailor Jupiter herself. The main city is connected to the Garden of Leda which is the largest garden in all of Esthera, people come here to buy pets.

Lovell: The land of beauty and romance. Famous for being the land with strong connections of Seleneon. The spirit of Sailor Venus protects this cosmopolitan land which has the famous Golden Mall and the Love-Me Live Dome!

Each town has an inn, a market place or a shop, a blacksmith and training grounds.

Outside these countries there are forests, caves and dungeons which can be explored once stepped in. Each city might not be explored thoroughly.

- Azlyn Seer / Sailor Psyche

Allies (Played by me)
- Sailor Cosmos
- Luna
- Sailor Pluto

Villains: Chaos Nebula
Leader: Phantom Sage ... 0724044119

Foot Soldiers
Nero ... 0907070510

Monster Spawn:
(They will appear when the GM says so)

[b]Name/Sailor Name:[/b]

[b]Attacks: (2 names for each level – Level 2 will be an upgrade of Level 1’s attacks…etc)[/b]
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:

[b]STATS[/b] (You only have 15 points to share between the stats - HP and MP will be based here)
Body (Physical aspects that govern Health, strength, endurance, speed, rate of healing, defence)
Mind (The power of psyche and comprehend complex ideas)
Soul (Inner self and willpower determines luck)


[b]Character background:[/b]

[b]Senshi form[/b]


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 Post subject: Re: Pretty Guardians of Seleneon.exe [Interest Check / OOC]
PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:23 am 
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I've decided to only act as the GM of this role play to make my life easier and for our players to not feel like I'm playing too many people.


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