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 Post subject: 2017 Sailor Moon donations for prizes at conventions!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:33 am 
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Hello Everyone!

My name is Lilly-chan (Margaret M Tyler) and I want to share with you all that Family of Moonlight are still accepting Sailor Moon related donations such as artwork, crafts, cosplay photos and official merchandise for our up and coming "Family of Moonlight present's 25 years of Sailor Moon" fan panel that we hosting throughout the 2017 convention season. (See Deadlines Listing) (All the donations that is turn will be presented at all the conventions that I attend in 2017) I will provide your bios (summary about yourself) and contact information attach to all the donations for the winners to look you all up and contact you. The donations that you donate will be given away as prizes. No donation will be sold and no profits will be made. (This means none of your work will not end up on eBay. I will personally go after anyone that tries to do that. In 2010 there was an issue and eBay favored in mine and other artists and fined | went after that seller.)

A little history of the donations- 9 years ago Family of Moonlight's fellow past staffer Sarah 'Sakky' Ruth Forde​ had an idea have moonies around the world donate their works as prizes for the panel's contests- Trivia, re attack pose and cosplay contests since then it's been a great hit also a spotlight to those very talented artists!

Our 2017 convention schedule is-
Animazement​ 2017- Raleigh, NC May 26-28, 2017 (Applied)
Glass City Con​ 2017- Toledo, Ohio July 15-16, 2017 (Approved) -
Matsuricon​ 2017- Columbus, OH August 25-27, 2017 (Applied) - Coming Soon

Our panel is being presenting/endorsed by Family of Moonlight (Which is a website that is putting the Sailor Moon fan base in the driver’s seat and showcasing what they do that makes our Sailor Moon fandom what it is today.

Panel Summary-
“2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Sailor Moon. Come share your moonie memories from the manga, 90’s anime, Crystal, musicals, and live action. COME IN COSTUME for our cosplay competition where you can win great stuff. We will also have a trivia; re-attack pose contests, door prizes, the latest news, and more. Can't wait to see you there! If you don't attend, in the name of the moon you will be punished!” Family friendly/All Ages

Theme for 2017
Open theme for everything celebrating 25 years of Sailor Moon! So I'm accepting new stuff. Now of course you're welcome to still submit already made work too.

Rules on Submitting Sailor Moon Donations for prizes
1) If you are interested in donating any art work, crafts and cosplay photos. Here is what I'm accepting!
Any Sailor Moon art work, hand made crafts, cosplay photos etc...

How to send in your donations
By Mail (art, crafts, cosplay photos and Official Merchandise)- Send a note to :devlilly-peacecraft: or send an email to her at with "2017 Sailor Moon Donations Mailed" in the subject link. I will then send you an email back with a mailing address where to send the donation(s). Also when submitting your art, crafts & cosplay photos donation(s) please provide- a Bio summary about yourself (artist), It does not have to be a long summary. Just enough that whomever wins your artwork as an prize will get an idea about you as an artist. You're welcome to mention about your website(s) to so the winner(s) can visit your art and give you feedback. Please attached your Bio summaries will on the back of your artwork. Or if you have an bussiness card please attached your business card instead.
Please note if you plan to mail any art donation or cosplay photo donation please make sure they are already framed with your bio summary attach on the back. It help me out a great deal. :) *

Current Deadline Listings-
Art Donations, Crafts & Cosplay Photos- please provide Bio Summary with your donation(s). Official Merchandise *See Mail Donations Deadlines. If you plan to attend the convention please contact me about meeting up before the panel.
*For All Mail Donation Deadlines- for the panel they must arrive no later than
Shuto Con 2017- Monday March 13, 2017- CLOSED
Animazement 2017- Monday May 22, 2017
Glass City Con 2017- Monday July 10, 2017
Matsuricon 2017- Monday August 21, 2017
If you plan to attend the convention please contact me about meeting up before the panel.

Approved Conventions
Shuto Con 2017- East Lansing, MI March 17-19, 2017 - Thanks to all that donated!
Animazement 2017- Raleigh, NC May 26-28, 2017 (applied on 1/26/17- waiting for approval)
Glass City Con 2017- Toledo, Ohio July 15-16, 2017 (applied on 2/1/17 & approved 2/1/17)
Matsuricon 2017- Columbus, OH August 25-27, 2017 (applied on 3/15/17- waiting for approval)

Moonie Facebook Event Pages- "For the latest updates see each Facebook Event Page!"
Ohayocon 2017 (Only hosting the Sailor Moon Photoshoot)- - Thanks to all that came!
Shuto Con 2017- Thanks to all the came!
Animazement 2017-
Glass City Con 2017-
Matsuricon 2017- Coming Soon

How Many Donations Can I send in?
At this time I have left it as many as you like. There is no limit. ^_^

View 2017 Submitted Donations

For more details please contact Margaret Tyler at with "2017 Sailor Moon Donations" in the subject link.

Previous Years Donations
To see previous years donated artwork-
2008- and

Lilly-chan's Wish List | Lilly-chan's Sailor Moon Collection List | Lilly's Art on Storenvy- Online Store | Family of Moonlight Blog
Conventions, AA, Panels, Ohayocon, Shuto Con, Animazement, Glass City Con, Matsuricon

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