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 Post subject: YKYWTMSMW Compilation Book & Fortunes v6 has been released!
PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:28 pm 
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The YKYWTMSMW Compilation Book version 6 has been released today (my mom, niece, SMF user litacan, and Ami Mizuno's Birthday) along with its Linux fortune files!

This is a continuation of Maraviollantes' compilation version 5, last updated in 2007.

Last April, I discovered the original compilation when Maraviollantes revived his torrent. I realized that given the large amount of short jokes, YKYWTMSMWs would work great as fortune files for the Linux operating system. For those who don't know, the fortune program shows a brief quote or joke when you open a terminal window (the Linux equivalent of a command prompt). It is usually used with cowsay/xcowsay (an ASCII art character's speech balloon), with fortune-indicator (occasional fortune popups during normal graphical use of Linux) or with the xscreensaver package (some screensavers make use of a configurable text output in the advanced settings)

The original fortunes v5.0, based on book version 5, were released and updated during last May. As I discovered more YKYWTMSMWs, mostly on, they were added through v5.3.

I offered Maraviollantes the new material I found for a new book release v6. He told me he wasn't interested, and gave me permission to take over the book. So from June until now I worked on the book, removing some duplicates and formatting errors Maraviollantes missed, and adding hundreds more YKYWTMSMWs. From the book: "These include PGSM related entries, a large list of German ones that had been translated, several forks of v5 and previous editions of this book, entries related to Codename Sailor V, my own, and more, which (after removing duplicates, including missed duplicates in v5) updated the list from 6045 entries to 6596, which is 551 YKYWTMSMWs larger"

Version 6 of the book and version 6.0 of the Linux fortune files were set for release on September 10, 2017. They are now released, you can download them here:

* All material:
* Book only (ODT, PDF, TXT):

Warning: The Linux fortune program separates "offensive" fortunes from the others, which need to be enabled manually to see, usually "fortune -a" "fortune -o" or "fortune off/smtoomuch" depending on Linux distro and what you want the fortune program to pick from. Offensive YKYWTMSMWs have not yet been separated, this will be done in a future v6.x, so until then know that an offensive fortune might pop up when you type "fortune smtoomuch"

I plan on collecting more YKYWTMSMWs from (or submitted via Github) for future book and fortune file releases. Fortune files will be released over time as v6.x, with annual or biannual releases of a new book.

In honor of the new YKYWTMSMW compilation release, I will be seeding Maraviollantes' torrent for most of this week (or until the last person finishes downloading). My upload speed is slow, and I will be seeding most but not all of the time, so I ask that others join me in seeding this week. I have asked 3-4 friends on another site if they are interested to join in (one of whom downloaded the whole torrent from me last week). If because of Hurricane Irma in the Southeast US (or any reason) you need the torrent to be seeded later/longer, just ask here.

Maraviollantes torrent:

Thank you all and enjoy!


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YKYWTMSMW Compilation Book & Fortunes for Linux:

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